• The Asurs are here!

      The world has become the playing field of the ferocious subterranean Asurs who have hatched a diabolical plot to manipulate and enslave humans.Kali’s teenage life gets swept up in a whirlwind of cosmic adventure as she fights the Asurs. Embark into a journey that blends history, adventure and fantasy weaved into a gripping story that may change your life! The Book was released at Pune International Literary Festival (PILF) and is now available at a bookstore near you and on Amazon worldwide. with four star rating across 50+ reviews.

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    • About Me

      Prithvi Raj Banerjee is a Boston-based, IIT & Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) educated technologist, entrepreneur and author. He is also a Yoga and mindfulness coach and has trained under masters from celebrated spiritual traditions in the world.
    • Chronicles of Kali

      You may recall the stunning image of goddess Kali that was projected on the Empire state building. Creator of the image wanted to highlight a "fierce new avatar" in the fight against the harm that Earth is enduring today. Chronicles of Kali is about that avatar taking on the 'Asurs' who are taking the earth to the brink of destruction.
    • The Mysterious Sadhu

      One of my short stories was published in a National Geographic feature on “Travellers' Tales Of Ghosts, Ghouls And

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    • Chronicles of Kali

      The Asurs are here!  A sinister group of subterranean dwellers have hatched a plot to enslave the

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      Genesis of the Book: Sanskriti Literary Festival, Boston

      The genesis of the Kali saga piqued interest of an enthusiastic audience attending one of the biggest south asian themed book fest in USA.



      Book Cover Launch by The Book Bakers

      The Book Bakers made the following announcement - And in conformity with my promise of sharing more covers designed by The Book Bakers, we are proud to present our author, Prithvi Banerjee's cover for his mytho-fantasy book, CHRONICLES OF KALI: THE SECRET BOOK OF ASURS being published by Vishwakarma Publications which shall be released at the prestigious Pune International Literature Festival aka PILF 2018.




      Chronicles of Kali Launched in Pune International Literary Festival

      Indian Institute of Technology - BHU Varanasi and Massachusetts institute of technology scholar, Prithvi Raj Banerjee's new magical realism trilogy, THE CHRONICLES OF KALI was launched at the Pune International Literary FestivalThe book is published by one of India's fastest growing publishing houses, Vishwakarma Publications.

      Titled, THE CHRONICLES OF KALI - The Secret Book Of Asurs, the book successfully mingles mythology and fantasy in the present day scenario set in the backdrop of Benaras and Los Angeles with a modern avatar of goddess Kali taking on a secret society of evil Asuras.

      The book was very well received, generating a lot of interest during and after launch with very positive reviews and ratings. The book is now available in bookstores and amazon worldwide.



      Esoteric wisdom of Goddess Kāli

      An enlightening talk about the hidden and transformative secrets of the enigmatic goddess. 

      In conversation with Dr. Neela Bhattacharya Saxena Author of Absent Mother God of the West.

      Venue:  Academy of Creative Arts  12 A Street Burlington MA 01803

      Sunday, April19th 3:00-5:00PM 

    • “Silence can be packed between words in stories …  and then these stories can help us find the silence. 

      (c) 2018 Prithvi Raj Banerjee