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    When distracting mental chatter overpowers our attention, we lose our ability to perform effective and impactful actions. 

    This is the same chatter of thoughts that makes us think about work when we are on a vacation, or about the weekend when we are at work. We all have experienced this chatter when we lie in bed, thinking about things we were going to do the next day, next week, or sometimes even next year. 

    What if, I told you that there was a trick that could liberate us from this distracting mental chatter? And that through this book we would embark on a journey to experientially understand how to handle these distracting thoughts and potentially evolve the way we think. Will you be interested?

    Unbox!' is a practical guide that stays away from philosophical and metaphysical narratives about mindfulness and focuses on how can we deal with this mental chatter that fragments our attention. It uses 'mind-exercises' to help us improve our attention as we build the skill of Mindful Thinking that leads to more efficient and impactful actions. 

    The exercises covered in the book are contemporary translations of some the most effective mindfulness techniques across ages. The book uses modern metaphors & humorous illustrations that you will find appealing. It also demystifies these techniques by exploring the logic behind these mind-exercises. 

    In this revised edition the content had been re-aligned based on the feedback received from readers and from participants of Unbox! Workshops. Hope you find these changes helpful.

  • Chronicles of Kali: The Secret Book of Asurs

    The world has become the playing field of the ferocious subterranean Asurs who have hatched a diabolical plot to manipulate and enslave humans.

    Kali’s teenage life gets swept up in a whirlwind of cosmic adventure. With a quirky ageless comrade, an unsuspecting mother, and an enlightened master to help fulfill her destiny, Kali embraces her supernatural powers. From mysterious revelations in Los Angeles to bizarre events in ancient Varanasi, her trials transcended time.

    What is this plot that can plunge the world into darkness?  Read on The Chronicles of Kali – and embark into a journey that blends history, adventure and fantasy weaved into a gripping story that may change your life!

    Book Launch in September 2018 at the Pune Literary Festival (PLF).


  • Are you ready for the secret about mental chatter?

    There is a trick than help you to deal with mental chatter right now. Unbox! uncovers the trick that forms the core of all mindfulness teachings across ages. All proceeds from the book will be used to support MindGym Initiative, a nonprofit focused on creating awareness about Mindful thinking amongst the younger generation.

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