• The Asurs are here! 

    A sinister group of subterranean dwellers have hatched a plot to enslave the humankind. Asur King Bakasur has figured out the deep secrets of manipulating humans, training his agents with specially crafted instructions in the Secret book of Asurs. These sub terrain imposters hide amongst their unsuspecting targets. Armed with a personal copy of the book, they manipulate humanity leading them to the brink of destruction.

    In Indian mythology, goddess Kālī represents the awakened inner force that destroys evil. She neutralized a demon named Raktabeej, so caled because his spilled blood would act as a seed and sprout out identical demons wherever it touched the ground. Cut to the present time - Asurs are spreading across the world just like the one Kālī slayed.

    A Los Angeles based teenager Kali comes to terms with her past as she faces her destiny to take on the evil plot of Asurs. With a quirky ageless comrade, an unsuspecting mother, and an enlightened master to help fulfill her destiny, Kali embraces her supernatural powers. The story moves from Los Angeles to Banaras and  bizarre events start to unfold just before her eighteenth birthday. Kali gets pulled into a deadly plot – Asurs’ final assault against humans.  

    What is this new plot that can plunge the world into darkness ? What secrets are written in the book of Asurs?  Read on The Chronicles of Kali – and embark into a journey that blends history, adventure and mysticism weaved into a gripping plot that can change your life!