• About Me


    Prithvi Raj Banerjee is a Boston-based, Indian Institute of Technology & Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) educated technologist, entrepreneur and author.

    He is a Yoga and mindfulness coach and has trained under masters from celebrated spiritual traditions in the world.

    Prithvi has co-founded two technology start-ups. An avid traveller, he shuttles around the globe with his college sweetheart & wife of 23 years, and their two lovely kids.

    He the founder of the MindGym initiative, which is focused on creating awareness about Mindful thinking amongst the younger generation. It uses a contemporary narrative to demystify mindfulness practices using mobile games and brainwave based biofeedback.

    He is also the author of the book, Unbox! – The power of Mindful Thinking. Unbox! is a practical guide that focuses on how we can deal with mental chatter that fragments our attention. It uses 'mind-exercises' to help us enhance our attention as we build the skill of Mindful Thinking that leads to more efficient and impactful actions.